Terms of Reference

How much control am I giving up?

You are not losing any control; you maintain full control over your company. This includes the day-to-day operations of your company, strategic decisions, hiring decisions, fundraising decisions etc

What Circle Health will take in return?

Circle health will only take 6% common equity stake in your company. This is pre-option pool and pre-investor capital. Our deal terms are very straight-forward and founder friendly.

What will I get, if accepted the terms?

You will receive hands-on Marketing and Fundraising Consulting and Dedicated office space for Three months, access to our Network, Market Research, Expert Opinion, Infrastructure including Internet connectivity and Digital Health Experienced Resources. Mentorship from world-leading Physicians, Researchers, Healthcare Professionals and Executives.

Is my intellectual property safe?

We respect and understand the confidentiality of your application and will not share it with anyone outside of the selection committee. We see hundreds of applications each year and many have very similar ideas. For this reason, we do not sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). In the end, your real secret sauce is your ability to execute.