How to apply?

Apply through our website circle health > apply > application process

What is the evaluation process like?

We have a 3 stage evaluation process, including an online application, a telephone interview after qualifying these 2 stages applicants will be invited to make a presentation and demonstrate their product to the committee.

How much time evaluation process will take?

We generally respond to applicants within 2-3 working days at each stage

How will applications be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of product innovation in focus areas, management team, value proposition, market opportunity and solutions that have clinically proven outcomes and can be integrated into a healthcare organization.

I’d like to talk to you before apply?

Yes, if you have any specific question you can email us at info@circlehealth.io

Can I still apply if I’m not from Pakistan?

Yes, you can apply even if you are outside Pakistan. If you get selected, you must come to Pakistan to spend time over here in our incubation.

What stage should my start-up be at when we apply?

Start-up must already have MVP developed and some initial customers. They should be ready to learn the techniques to scale and grow the business. If a start-up does not have a product deployed and ready to put in the hands of customers, then it is too early for our program. Typically, start-ups will enter the program having raised some seed capital, having runway, and having piloted the technology in some way or demonstrated product market fit. Most, but not all, of the start-ups we accept are already generating revenue (not necessarily profit) and have some customers who are thrilled to be using their product.

We care less about the stage of funding so, as long as your technology is customer-ready, we encourage you to apply regardless of whether you are pre-seed or pre-Series A. We do all selection and due diligence in-house and evaluate every application across five criteria: Product/Idea, Team, Value Proposition, Uniqueness of Solution and Market opportunity

How will companies be paired with a mentor?

Mentor will identify those companies that are closely aligned with strategic focus areas or specific use cases that interest them. Each company will be paired with a mentor.

What happens to my intellectual property if I am not selected?

Our application does not ask for detailed IP information and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you are not comfortable doing so. We have no interest in stealing your idea and that would be bad business for us.

How many companies will you accept in one batch?

We spend a lot of time working one on one with each start-up so we purposely limit the size of our batch to 8 to 12 companies at a time.

Are there obligations after the program?

Other than spending 5 minutes each quarter to update us on your progress, there is no obligation. Though we do hope you continue to be an active member of the Circle Health Family. Even after the program, the resources of the Circle Health community are still at your fingertips, giving you the continued opportunity to seek investors and mentors through our unique network.

Do we have to stay in Pakistan after the program?

No. It is your company. You are not obliged to stay in Pakistan

What is a typical day like?

On most days, the Accelerator will organize group educational sessions with industry leaders, mentors and sponsors, followed by one-on-one mentor meetings, team meetings, presentation building or pitch practice. In between those times, your team will need to do the necessary work for your company and its products. You should be ready and plan for long and inspiring days.

Requirement of application form?

The application asks you to provide:

  • Information about your company and your team
  • The market opportunity, the idea, and how you plan to execute it

We have two separate Ideas; do we need to submit 2 different applications?

Yes, please submit a separate application for each of your companies.

I have applied before. Can we apply again?

Yes! We always encourage you to apply again. Our judges love being proven wrong.