Who We Are

10Pearls is an award-winning application development company helping businesses build products and technology solutions. 10Pearls has been working in the healthcare industry and has been a part of technology disruption in healthcare.


Digital Care is the pioneer and leader in the field of digital health in Pakistan. Our innovative digital health products, solutions, services, training programs, and business consultancies encompass various technologies, such as :

Telemedicine | Health Portals | Mobile Apps | Web Conferencing | Digital Health Solutions | MedicalDevices | AI | eLearning


Circle health is a Program for startups that have developed Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of a cutting-edge technology solution for the healthcare industry. It is a launchpad for sunrise companies that have developed V.10 of their products and are striving to excel. It creates a Program engaging all healthcare related companies to provide mentorship and guidance to startups willing to excel and grow. This program is especially designed to bring together diverse minds from healthcare, technology, venture, policy, research and beyond to offer growth opportunities for healthcare startups.

What’s in it for our Participants?

  • Receive product feedback and mentoring from the provider organizations’ senior-level executives, our strategic investor syndicate, and entrepreneurs-in-residence.
  • Paired with mentors from our investor syndicate who provide guidance on product positioning, financials and fundraising.
  • Get mentorship to identify, focus and develop clarity with regards to the required care and augmented products.
  • By interacting with our network, you will dramatically increase the number of potential customer conversations you can have. Moreover, we will work hands-on with you to craft your marketing and sales operations.

Participating Health Care Institutions These health care organizations are actively looking for innovative technology solutions. During the program, they provide feedback, mentorship and the ability to fast-track a beta test.